About Camp Dannevall

From a dream to reality

A place where strangers become friends

Everything started with an idea and a desire to do something that nobody had done before. Thirty years have passed since we first started our business in southern Långån. A lot has happened over the years, and we have welcomed guests from every continent (well apart from Antarctica as nobody lives there). Today our facilities are a popular destination both for their accommodation and for the beautiful location with nature around the corner, a trail system for dog-sled training and the fishing of Nedre Långån. At Camp Dannevall, strangers become friends and nowadays we welcome many returning guests to the camp every year.

The story of how Camp Dannevall was built

Operations started as early as 1991, but the ideas for Camp Dannevall first began to take shape in 1995. During the subsequent years, forest trees were chopped down, sawn into blocks and then used as timber to build our current facilities.

Construction of the hotel building commenced in 1998 along with the stables and some of the smaller buildings Two years later, more specifically in 2000, Camp Dannevall opened its doors and since then visitors from all over the world have come to our tiny corner of the earth. In the period since its opening until today, the facilities have been developed and modified based on the prevailing needs and input from our guests.

Would you like to learn more about us?

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